After fourteen years as a laboratory researcher in the areas of developmental biology and signal transduction, I became one of the original editorial staff of the molecular biology journal EMBO reports, participating in its launch.  Initially responsible for its Reviews section and later for its Scientific Reports section, I gained in-depth experience with the processes of line-by-line editing and peer review.

Current work:

I returned to academia in 2006, establishing an editing service at the University of Iowa.  My aim is to help members of the basic science community enhance the success of their publications and funding by working with them to maximize the clarity of their scientific documents prior to submission. I provide in-depth editorial review of grant applications and manuscripts (most commonly research articles and the accompanying correspondence), commenting on not only the language but also the presentation of the science, with an eye to bringing the significance and impact of the work to the forefront.


  • Senior investigators overburdened with writing and other commitments
  • Junior investigators seeking in-depth critiques of their writing
  • Post-doctoral trainees & graduate students
  • Non-native speakers of English

    In addition to working with personnel at the University of Iowa, I work with clients from other institutions as time permits (see Contact & Pricing).


Grant Writing 101
          Director of professional development course
          Coaching of Medical Scientist Training Program Students in writing a grant on
                    their current research.

Scientist Writers’ Workshop

          Instructor/facilitator of professional development workshop series
          Coaching of graduate students and post-doctoral trainees in writing up their current                     research, in recurring workshop format.

Paper Writing in Practice
          Director of professional development mini-course
          Coaching of graduate students and post-doctoral trainees in writing up their current                     research.

Critical Thinking and Communication (2008–2011)
          Instructor for graduate-student course
          Lectures on writing research articles and grant applications; individual
                     feedback provided.

Presentation of workshops, seminars and webinars on topics including:
          Achieving Clarity in Scientific Writing
          Productive Paper Submission from a Journal Editor’s Perspective
          Grant Writing (focus on NIH format)
          Editing/Publishing as Alternative Careers for Scientists


Scientific text that’s clear and concise —
edited by a molecular biologist with experience on both sides of publishing.